Folium Labs is a Canadian nutraceutical company developing innovative cannabinoid-based and CBD/THC-free formulations as natural alternatives to existing medications to address a wide array of medical conditions and consumer needs.


Utilizing the latest advances in the cannabis research and delivery systems, the company is poised to pioneer a new non-smoking proprietary technology to modulate beneficial pharmacological properties and to improve bioavailability of the orally and otherwise delivered cannabinoids to unmatched levels.

Currently, Folium Labs Inc. is in the process of developing a line of cannabinoid-free nutraceuticals that help cannabis consumers to optimize and control their experience. The first product under the brand LIVLI will be launched in January, 2019 in Canada and the US.

Our research team consists of PhDs with over 50 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical formulation and drug development fields, with the proven track record of a number of successful drugs and natural health products approved by Health Canada and FDA.



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